Sarah Reynolds, B.V.M.S. M.R.C.V.S.


Dr. Reynolds has been working in the animal field for 13 years. She’s had animals her entire life, and has raised ducks and geese. She has been working at Branford Veterinary Hospital since 2003. Originally a veterinary technician, she graduated from veterinary school and has been a veterinarian since August 2014. Dr. Reynolds holds a B.S. in Animal Science and Technology from the University of Rhode Island (2003), and B.V.M.S. from the University of Glasgow. In her free time, Dr. Reynolds enjoys relaxing with her pets, watching horror movies, cooking, playing sports, and entertaining family and friends. She also plays the cello and African drum. She lives in Madison with her 7 cats (Bo Bo, Violet, Nuknuk, Walle, Zoey, Millie, and Bebe) and 1 dogs ( Gabriel).

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